Title: Delirium

Author: Lauren Oliver

Summary:  Sixty-four years have passed since love was identified as a disease, and forty-three since a cure was developed.  Seventeen year-old Lena is just ninety-five days away from her procedure and can’t wait.  After she is cured, she will be safe from the deliria that once plagued the world and able to settle into an uneventful, ordinary life where her college future and a husband are government-picked.  But then Lena meets a boy unlike any she has ever known and starts to have dangerous feelings that make her re-think the cure and the world around her. 

Who will like this book?:  Fans of dystopian stories will enjoy this clever cross between Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies and Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games.

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Recommended by: Jen, Fairfield Woods Branch Teen Librarian