Please Ignore Vera Dietz


Title: Please Ignore Vera Dietz

Author: A.S. King

Summary:  In an effort to avoid repeating the mistakes of her parents, Vera Dietz has spent her life trying to blend in and lead a nondescript existence.   Her childhood best friend, Charlie, is the only one who has gotten close enough to understand her fears and see Vera for herself.  But Charlie betrays Vera, and before things can be resolved dies under rather dark circumstances.  Vera knows more about those circumstances than virtually anyone, but needs to find a way to deal with the painful past before she can move forward to clear Charlie’s name.

Who will like this book?:  This is a gripping story for mature readers that somehow manages to be both dramatic and funny.  Fans of realistic fiction will enjoy stepping into the lives of Vera, Charlie, and Ken (Vera’s Dad) and experiencing the heart-wrenching drama found there. 

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Recommended by: Jen, Fairfield Woods Branch Teen Librarian