Title: Harvey: How I Became Invisible

Author: Herve Bouchard

Illustrator: Janice Nadeau

Summary: This deceptively simple, award-winning graphic novel tells the story of young Harvey, an ordinary kid growing up in Canada with his mother, father, and a kid brother who is much taller than he is. On the first day of spring, which Harvey notices is extra-bright because of the leafless trees and remaining piles of snow, after playing in the streets with their friends, the two boys return home to learn that their father has died suddenly of a heart attack.

Using some wordless panels and simple illustrations, the author and illustrator get right to the core of Harvey’s experience of his father’s disappearance and the subsequent days of mourning when the young boy begins to feel invisible. This is a moving, sincere, and emotionally devastating story that will hit home for anyone who has suffered the grief and sadness of losing someone important in their lives. Readers can only hope that we see Harvey again someday.

Who will like this book?: Anyone who likes books that make them cry. Fans of  realistic stories, and readers looking for stories about grieving.

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Recommended by: Nicole, Teen Librarian