The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin


Title: The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin

Author: Josh Berk

Summary:  Self-deprecating, incredibly witty, bright, and highly observant are just a few words that describe Will Halpin.  However, as the new kid at Carbon High Will Halpin is defined only by his hefty size and his inability to hear.  Luckily, Will is not the type of guy to let others define him or control his actions.  So, when the star quarterback is pushed down a mine shaft on a class field trip it is Will Halpin who secretly steps up to solve this murder mystery.  Will finds himself teamed up with the second least popular kid in school, Devon Smiley, to solve a crime where everyone is a suspect, including the porkrinds-eating bus driver, the ever-inappropriately dressed young math teacher, the most beautiful girl in school, and the weird kid who talks to his fingers.

Who will like this book:  While this is a mystery, the real draw of this book are the characters.  Readers who enjoy a clever outsider-type character who possesses a sardonic wit will appreciate Will Halpin and his side-kick, Devon.   

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Recommended by: Jen, Fairfield Woods Branch Teen Librarian