Some Girls Are


Title: Some Girls Are

Author: Courtney Summers

Summary: Regina Afton relished her place as one of the Fearsome Fivesome, the right hand and best friend of the most popular girl in school, Anna. But when Anna’s boyfriend tries to force himself on her at a party, Regina’s days at the top of the high school food chain come crashing to an end. Her friends freeze her out, her boyfriend dumps her (without bothering to tell her) and since she once was the chief tormentor of the social outcasts, Regina is left completely and totally alone: An easy target. Even Michael, a loner who spends the day writing in his notebook can hardly stand to have her sit at his lunch table. After all, how can you forgive someone who enjoyed making your life a living hell? Regina won’t go down without a fight, but her attempts to stand up for herself only increase her ex-friends resolve (and the viciousness of the tactics they use) to break her down.

This book is impossible to put down and Regina – flawed, impulsive, and arrogant – makes for a realistic, if not always likeable heroine. But she is nothing compared to horrific queen bee Anna  and the followers who will do anything to stay in her good graces. It’s not news that there are mean girls. But the lengths that they will go to prove their dominance will surprise some readers – and sadly – be all too familiar to others. Can Regina survive? Could you?

Who will like this book?: This is an important book for all girls to read. If you’ve ever gossiped, spread a rumor, or been mean to someone because a friend told you to, then you need to read this book.

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Recommended by: Nicole, Teen Librarian