Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie


Title: Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie

Author: Jordan Sonnenblick

Summary:  Eighth-grader Steven Alper is a rock star drummer, at least according to his annoyingly cute five-year-old brother.  The same cute brother that is the star of Steven’s English class journal entry exploring  the topic “The Most Annoying Thing in the World.”   Add the annoying brother with a crush on an unattainable girl, an occasionally irritating best friend,  a love of drums, and the regular school drama and you have Steven’s life. 

That is until the day Steven’s brother falls from a bar stool while Steven is making him breakfast and develops a nose bleed that just won’t stop.  The reason behind that non-stop nose bleed will change the lives of everyone in the Alper family and will lead to the most difficult year of their lives.  Steven struggles with the lack of parental attention and rebels against school, but through it all he maintains his quirky sense of humor and a pretty good heart. 

Who will like this book ?:  Those who like drama but can also appreciate a clever character who handles that drama with a bit of humor.

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Recommended by: Jen, Branch Teen Librarian