The Hunger Games


Title: The Hunger Games

Author: Suzanne Collins

Summary: Each year a boy and a girl from each district are selected at random and sent to the Capital of Panem (formerly North America) to serve as tributes (players) in the Hunger Games. This live televised contest is mandatory viewing across the devastated continent. It is a battle to the death and the tribute left standing will be set for life.

When her little sister is chosen for the Games, Katniss decides takes her place. As she makes the journey from her destitute home in District 12 to the shimmering Capital, she begins to see that the Hunger Games are more than just a way to entertain the people: It’s a way to control them. This first book in a new series by the author of the Overland Chronicles will grab you from the first page and not let you go.

Who will like this book?: Adventure fans of all ages will love this book. Fans of dystopian fiction (meaning, set in a not-so-nice future world) and adventure stories. People who like heroes who are not so perfect. Anyone who thinks reality TV is just a little bit scary to begin with.

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Recommended by: Nicole, Teen Librarian