Title: xxxHolic

Author: Clamp

Summary: Kimihiro Watanuki has always been able to see spirits. When one day he is drawn to a mysterious shop, he meets the “Space-Time” Witch Yuuko. He is “given” a job there and finds out that Yuuko is willing to do deeds in return for something of equal value.  Not everyone can see the shop, and not everyone always gets what they want…as they are more twisted than they think. To add to the mystery, there’s Doumeki, who has been able to kill evil spirits, but cannot see them, and Himawari–Watanuki’s crush–who isn’t as innocent as she seems.

Who will like this book?: People into spirit/sci-fi stories and a little bit of mystery. It’s just as good as the other Clamp titles and if you read Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, it’s cool to see how these two link up, those it’s not necessary to read both to understand. It’s actually very funny and can be a light read at times.  It’s also a long series, so the plot develops more slowly, and some of the chapters may seem like fillers or mini-stories, but they’re all related. There’s also a lot about the Japanese culture, so if you’re into that, it’d be good to read the pages of culture explanations at the end.

If you like this, you should try: Anything by Clamp –Tsubasa, x/1999, legal drug, magical knights, etc. Also Tokyo Mew Mew, E.S., Dorothy of Oz, and D.N. Angel.

Recommended by: ZZ, resident of Fairfield and avid reader