Her Majesty’s Dog


Title: Her Majesty’s Dog

Author: Mick Takeuchi

Summary: Amane is by no means an ordinary school girl. She’s actually the heir to her psychic family who has run away. Her koma-oni Hyohei is also no regular transfer student. He’s a demon dog whose duty is to protect Amane. But with spirits popping up and demons trying to take her out in broad daylight, how long can Hyohei and Amane keep their identities secret? And worse, Hyohei is starting to develop feelings for Amane, but she’s already engaged to another man!

Who will like this book?: If you want a new spin on a romance, or if you’re into dog demons, this is the one to read. There’s plenty of action and some great dialogue, but you need to take the time to read them all carefully since they tend to have little important bits here and there.

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Recommended by: ZZ, Fairfield resident and avid reader