Immortal Rain


Title: Immortal Rain

Author: Kaori Ozaki

Summary: As a new assassin, Machika Balfatin has the ambitious goal of taking down the mysterious Methuselah, the only man ever to have escaped her grandfather’s grasp. However, when she finally meets the immortal, she finds herself in more trouble than she can handle. Once the word’s out that the Methuselah is on the move, every assassin, scientist, and greedy aristocrat want their hands on him. But when given the opportunity to take his head, Machika can’t bring herself to do it and takes on the duty of protecting him. She learns his name, Rain Jewlitt, and of his tragic past.

Who will like this book?: You don’t have to be an avid manga reader to like this story. With a good dose of action, violence, wit, and romance, it’s a great quick read, with a warning to those who can’t stand sad parts or intense violence. It is rated Older Teen (16+)

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Recommended by: ZZ, resident of Fairfield and avid reader