Title: ghostgirl

Author: Tonya Hurley

Summary: Charlotte Usher’s made a vow – this is going to be her year.  She’s going to tryout for cheerleading and get the guy of her dreams.  Her plan can’t fail, after all she’s been laboring over it all summer.  Gone with invisible Charlotte– “Hello” to popular Charlotte.  Unfortunately for Charlotte, all her effort is wasted when she chokes on a gummy bear and dies the first day back to school.  However, Charlotte is not a quitter and she’s not about to let a little thing like death keep her from getting her dream guy to fall in love with her and her first kiss.  And, if being dead weren’t bad enough, poor Charlotte still has to finish high school.  Only now her classmates consist of other kids who have died before her and graduation will take a team effort. 

Who will like this book?:  Fans of dark satirical writing, humorous ghost stories, and those who see the humor in high school popularity “contests.”  For those who are attracted to books with amazing covers, I have to say that this is one of the best cover designs I have ever seen.  It’s worth taking a look at this book just for the cover. 

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Recommended by: Jen, Woods Teen Librarian