Keturah and Lord Death


Title: Keturah and Lord Death

Author: Martine Leavitt

Summary: This is a great book for all of you readers currently (or soon to be) in Twilight withdrawal. When Keturah, the village storyteller of Tide-by-Root, wanders into the woods, she meets Death, who decides to claim Keturah as his bride. While there is something irresistible about the dark Lord,  Keturah has unfinished business in the village, and is able to use her storytelling abilities to spin a tale of a love so beautiful and enduring that it persuades Lord Death to give her another day.

With this gift of time, Keturah knows that in order to save herself, she must find the love she has described to Lord Death, even though she has never felt it herself.  While it sounds like a standard fairy tale, this book is full of suprises, including a breathtaking end that will haunt you long after you’ve closed the final pages.

Who will like this book?: Fans of impossible love stories, and readers who enjoy fantasies set in kingdoms or medieval villages.

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Recommended by: Nicole, Teen Librarian