Bringing the Boy Home

Title: Bringing the Boy Home

Author: N.A. Nelson

Summary: For boys in the Takunami tribe, turning thirteen means the soche seche tente– a grueling journey alone into the jungle. If their senses are sharp enough to survive the dangers of the Amazon and make it back to the village alive, the boys are accepted as men and learn who their father is. Passing the test is vital for the whole family, but it can be deadly. Tirio was abandoned by the Takunami when he was a small child because of a damaged foot. Adopted and sent to America, he has grown up strong and happy. Luka, who has never left the Amazon, has spent his whole life preparing for the test, pushed on by his strong-willed mother.

As each boy turns thirteen, he must face his fate. Tirio and Luka will both endure the soche seche tente, but in this outstanding adventure story, destinies will change in a heartbeat, and incredible secrets about each boy, and the tribe, will be revealed.

Who will like this book?: Fans of adventure stories set in exotic places. People who like books with surprising endings.

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Recommended by: Nicole, Teen Librarian