Title: Respossessed

Author: A.M. Jenkins

Summary:  Kiriel is getting tired of his thankless job and is in desperate need of a little vacation.  Sound familiar?  The twist is that Kiriel is a fallen angel and his thankless job is reflecting back, rather like a mirror,  all the misery and guilt that tear up and torment souls in hell.  And, Kiriel’s idea of a vacation involves hijacking the body of Shaun, a human just seconds away from being crushed to death by an oncoming car.  Once in Shaun’s body, Kiriel gets a chance to experience what he has only been allowed to observe.  Ketchup, baths, writing utensils, and fruit loops are just a few experiences Kiriel relishes.  But human life is not just about experiencing materialistic pleasures: Kiriel must also deal with the people in Shaun’s life including his divorced mother, isolated and angry little brother, the school bully, and the girl who has secretly been nursing a crush on Shaun. 

Who will like this book?:  Those who appreciate a witty, thought-provoking, fast-paced book.  Through Kiriel’s thoughts and experiences, A.M. Jenkins has created a venue for considering not just human life but the concepts of good versus evil, and the afterlife. 

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Recommended by: Jen, Branch Teen Librarian