Story of a Girl



Title: Story of a Girl

Author:Sara Zarr

Summary: A terrific book for mature readers about making mistakes and overcoming them. When Deanna was in the eighth grade, her dad caught her in the backseat of the car having sex with Tommy, her brother’s 17 year-old best friend. Tommy became a hero, Deanna got a reputation. That was two years ago, but she is still a slut in the eyes of everyone at her school, getting harassed every day by boys and ignored by her dad. The only people she can talk to are her brother and his girlfriend Stacy at home, and her old friend Jason and his new girlfriend Lee at school. A summer job at a pizza place threatens to set Deanna back. Will she let her life be defined by a poor choice made years ago, or strive to become the person she and all who love her know she can be?

Who will like this book?: Mature readers who like realistic fiction that doesn’t sugarcoat the issues. This is a quick, interesting read for people who don’t usually like books.

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Recommended by: Nicole, Teen Librarian