Title: Tangerine

Author: Edward Bloor

Summary: Eighth-grader Paul Fisher is a very talented soccer goalie who lives in the shadows of his cruel, high school football star brother.  Paul Fisher also happens to be legally blind, but he has vague recollections of a time before his sight was damaged.  When Paul’s family moves to Tangerine, a rather bizarre town plagued by a host of natural disasters, everything starts to change for Paul as he finds a school where he fits in and tough soccer friends who accept him and stand up for him.  These changes give Paul the courage to face what everyone in his family has tried so hard to make him forget.

Who will like this book?:  This is a great choice for anyone who is a sports fan, however, this book reaches beyond sports to touch issues of racism, classism, environmentalism,and the family.  For those who like books where the underdog becomes the hero, this is a book for you.

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Recommended by: Jen, Branch Teen Librarian