Photography Policy

Photography, Recording, and Filming Policy

The Fairfield Public Library strives to make its facilities welcoming and safe for all. Members of the community should use library services without fearing that their identity, location, time of use, or resource choices be published. Photography, filming or audio recording (hereinafter, “Record” or “Recording”), as described below, is permitted to the extent that it does not violate library patrons’ privacy, disrupt library operations, and is consistent with the library’s code of conduct.

Interior Recording by Patrons and Visitors
Casual amateur Recording by patrons and visitors wanting a memento of their visit is permitted in library facilities if it captures the image of the person Recording or of people who have provided express permission to be Recorded as long as it does not disrupt library operations or violate any library policy. Equipment that is disruptive to library operations, such as lighting or tripods, is not permitted without express authorization by the Town Librarian or their designee.

Interior Recording by a Third Party
The Town Librarian or their designee has the sole discretion to grant or deny permission to Record the interior of library buildings and setting the conditions under which the Recording may take place. Requests for permission to Record must generally be made in writing at least 48 hours prior. The library may terminate any authorized session that is deemed, in its sole discretion, to disrupt library operations or violate any library policy.

Exterior Recording by Patrons and Visitors
Recording of the exterior of library buildings does not require permission if it does not impede the ingress or egress of visitors and staff or violate any library policy.

Recording by Library Staff or Designee
The Fairfield Public Library reserves the right to utilize Recordings taken by library staff or their designee for future library publications and other publicity. All library patrons consent to using their photos/video/audio at the library or during library events for such purposes. If a patron does not wish to be recorded, the patron must notify the library staff to that effect.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Fairfield Library 1/10/2022