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Too Close to Home

Title: Too Close to Home

Author:  Linwood Barclay

Publisher: Bantam, September 2008

Summary:  Derek was looking forward to the coming week. He was finally going to have a place for he and his girlfriend Penny to be together without any interruptions. So what if the place was his friend Adam Langley’s house. So what if Adam and his parents didn’t know Derek was hiding in their basement waiting for them to leave on their week long vacation. He wasn’t hurting anyone – he just wanted to have a good time with Penny. Too bad that, 10 minutes into the trip, Adam’s mom decided she didn’t feel well enough to travel that day. Perhaps the next day she would feel better.

As Adam and his family return to their home and Derek scrambles around in the basement looking for a new hiding place, a visitor appears at the Langley’s front door. Derek hears voices, then gunshots, footsteps, and finally silence. Derek ventures upstairs after he hears the shooter leave and discovers Adam and his parents have been shot dead. Frightened and confused, Derek flees the house and runs down the drive to his house set far back from the road. And this is just the prologue!

This is an action-packed page turner that will make you thankful for your security alarm and the two large dogs sleeping at the end of your bed.

Who will like this book?  Anyone who likes a good thriller.

Recommended by: Sue, Circulation Coordinator


Title: MADicine

Author:  Derek Armstrong

Summary:We all know where the path of good intentions leads, and it is clearly illustrated in the newest novel by Derek Armstrong. Hoping to cure his son, Dr. Gies has engineered a virus to cure violence in psychopathic patients. When Dr. Ada Kenner of the CDC notices a sharp increase in violent rampages conducted by seemingly “normal” citizens, she suspects a Rabies type virus is to blame. Hmm. Could Dr. Gies’ genetically altered virus be to blame? With the help of Alban Bane (who brings to mind the cranky Dr. Gregory House), and a host of unconventional characters, Ada must find the source of this new virus and find out why Braxis, a shady pharmaceutical company, conveniently has enough serum to vaccinate millions of people and make billions of dollars.

This novel is filled with suspense, humor, adventure and satire. If you’re looking for something a little offbeat with colorful characters, you’ll want to read this.

Who will like this book?   People who like medical thrillers and also want to crack a smile or two while reading them.

Recommended by: Sue, Circulation Coordinator