One Book One Town Writing and Mixed Media Contest – High School Writing Winner

Congratulations to our One Book One Town Writing and Mixed Media contest winner: Locked by Piper.


 How was your day they said,
 With their ear to ear bright smile
 I answer with a lie
 I reciprocate that smile, ‘good’
 The tough friend can’t tell people the truth
 The tough friend is embarrassed to show friends the truth

 I’m the tough friend
 The friend that can’t be weak
 The friend that hides everything under a pillow
 The same pillow I whimper under twice a year
 I write,
 I open the document that carries my secrets
 The document that feels like a friend I trust,

 It all works,
 Behind the locked door,
 In the one place I feel I can express myself
 Alone I feel safe to share,
 Nothing leaves the page
 The nights cry
 I form my tears into verses
 The verses that will always be concealed

 The mascara running down my face
 Dripping on the pillow,
 Flip it over, no one cares,
 that's what I feel everyday,
 Hidden, is what I feel
 They say talk to someone,
 Who can I talk to except for the poem page in my phone

 My emotions fill
 But like a full glass
 It has to spill soon
 But I can push it deeper
 I can’t let anyone know
 Even though, the poems grief,
 Begging to be let free
 but I’m not ready
 They're safe here
 I can’t be known as the weak friend
 In the open air people can judge.

 Friends spill their glasses,
 tell me their secretes,
 Knowing they won’t get anything in return
 And they can’t tell I’m broken in,
 From the mask covering myself
 I always have a smile on my face,
 Still I keep theirs private
 In fears that one day I’ll open up,
 Mine won’t be the secret of my life anymore,
 It will just add to the story of my life,
 But hidden is my life,
 The life I know,
 The life that is viewed as safe

 The phone dies, the poems locked
 The secret no one can hear,
 Locked from fear of no one understanding the pain,
 The page poured my emotions on last night.
 Locked away
 I rise with the sun,
 As I read the stanzas back
 The words flow
 The page got my point
 The page that gets me the most,