One Book One Town Writing and Mixed Media Contest – Adult Writing Winner

Congratulations to our One Book One Town Writing and Mixed Media contest winner: A KWeen Dethroned by KWeen.

 A KWeen dethroned:

What brings me joy, also disrupts my peace. My expressions of dance often tire my feet. In song, my voice is heard yet my lyrics are bleak. If I am to be made strong, why am I painted as being weak? In a most critical time in the world, my options still seem oblique. When will it be my time to express myself unharmed and freely? 
How can the world be free to roam, when we have to pay to live? How can we be equal when most don't have the resources from the tree of knowledge; What do you suppose I feed my kids? Why do I seem to gain a fool's wisdom while inheriting senseless self destruction? Is this what this whole isolation is about? If so, it's a concept I'm not in love with. Do I pray? What's the point? Do I complain? Who will listen? Do I explore finding another way? I'm just drained. Go away, maybe I'll stay in my bed today and accomplish absolutely nothing.