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Love to read but need help selecting your next good book? BookNews, a reader’s advisory service, is available 24/7 on the library’s website and offers recommendations of four to six titles with reviews in a variety of genres. With categories such as fiction preview, business, audio books, children’s, teens, and more, there’s sure to be something for every reader! Additionally, all of these recommendations can be sent directly to you via email, making it easy to select your next read and place a hold on it through the Library’s catalog in just a few clicks!

Staff Recommends

Check out Right Book at the Right Time, the staff reading blog, to learn what books the staff is reading and what they have to say about them.

We also have a staff reading blog for teens called RightBook.

New Books at Fairfield Public Library

Click here for a list of new books that have recently been added to the collection at Fairfield Public Library.

Love to read but don’t have the time? Listen to the latest fiction and non-fiction on your way to work with our audio book collection.

Best Seller Lists / Book Awards

Click here to see best sellers and award winners.

Need Help in Selecting Your Next Book to Read?

Novelist – a database of 60,000 fiction titles that allows readers to find authors similar to their favorites, to explore genres such as thriller, romance, detective-mystery, and to create lists of prize-winning books.

The Connecticut State Library has a plethora of book suggestions for readers.

Subscribe to our OnLine Book Club

Every weekday morning, members of the Fairfield OnLine Book Club will receive an e-mail with a portion from a popular non-fiction book. The daily e-mail is designed to take five minutes to read, with a new book starting every Monday. If you like the book, you can check it out of the library.

Stop by the library for a look at our “What to Read” binder

“What to Read” includes lists of books from many sources including staff favorites.

Join a Book Discussion at the Library

The library hosts a variety of book discussions in the library, and outside the library, for all ages. Visit our book groups page and find a group that suits you!

Need Books for Your Group?

Are you a member of a book group? Check out our Book Club Collection where we have multiple copies of books suitable for book club discussions.