Winter Words 2007

The Future of the Book
Publisher’s Weekly Editor-in-Chief Sara Nelson celebrates the book and discusses coming trends that no writer can afford to ignore.
(approximately 1 hour: 57,032kb: mp3)

Can We Talk? – Dialog
Writers Da Chen, Karen E. Olson and Suzanne R. Hoover discuss the critical need to develop authentic dialog in their works.
Moderator: Maura Ritz

Living the Adventure
Panelists Faye Bender, Prill Boyle and Logan Ward discuss why the expense, inconvenience and even occasional danger of experiencing what you write about invariably pays off by making your writing richer. Moderator: Charlie Slack

Children’s Hour
Authors Tony Abbott, Leslie Connor and Steve Otfinoski discuss writing for the demanding children’s and young adult market.
Moderator: Barbara Hawkins

Tapping Your Funny Bone
Humorists Linda Urbach Howard, Matthew Sharpe and Jane Stern help unlock some of the secrets of this demanding and rewarding form.
Moderator: Nicole Scherer

Writing Without Starving
Full-time freelancers Rita Papazian, Charlie Slack and Logan Ward talk about how they pay the bills between books.
Moderator: Deborah Karazin Owens, Fairfield Magazine Editor

How Editors Think
Marcela Landres discusses the three most common mistakes writers make when trying to get published; the two most important jobs of an editor (editing isn’t one of them!); and the number one quality editors look for in a writer.
Introduction: Karen Ronald

The Lives of Others: Biography
Biographers Jack Cavanaugh, Steve Otfinoski, and Charles Slack share their expertise.
Moderator: Brian Kelahan