Countdown to Kindergarten

This podcast is from a seminar designed to help parents and preschool teachers prepare young children for success in kindergarten. The program was introduced by Barbara Hawkins, Children’s Librarian at the Fairfield Public Library.

The panel included the following individuals from the Fairfield Public Schools:

  • Dr. Gary Rosato who is director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment with an overview of the program
  • Rebecca Miller, an elementary school Social Worker discusses children’s social and emotional readiness for kindergarten.
  • Susan Totilo and Nancy Mis – both kindergarten teachers in the Fairfield Public Schools – take us through a child’s typical day in kindergarten.
  • Nancy Winstead and Jerriann Mitchell – two speech and language pathologists –discuss speech and language development in young children.
  • Marlene Cavagnuolo – who is Coordinator of Preschool Special Education in the Fairfield Public Schools – discusses children with special needs.
  • Franklyn MacLean – who is a Language Arts Consultant – discusses reading readiness in young children.

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