Easy Readers: K & 1

Grades K & 1: Check out these beginning readers and beginning chapter books to set your child on the path of independent reading!

Title & AuthorDescriptionLocationAvailable?
Young Cam Jansen & the Zoo Note Mystery
by: David Adler
Cam helps her friend Eric when he misplaces his permission slip to go on the school field trip.Easy 3 AdlerCheck Availability
Hi, Fly Guy!
by: Tedd Arnold
When Buzz captures a fly to enter in The Amazing Pet Show, his parents and the judges tell him that a fly cannot be a pet, but Fly Guy proves them wrong.Easy 2 ArnoldCheck Availability
by: Alyssa S. Capucilli
A little yellow dog wants ever one more thing before he'll go to sleep.Easy 2 CapucilliCheck Availability
by: Grace Gilman
Dixie the puppy plays with Emma every day after school until Emma starts memorizing her lines for the school play.Easy 2 GilmanCheck Availability
Chicken Said "Cluck!"
by: Judyann Grant
Earl and Pearl do not want Chicken's help in the garden, until a swarm of grasshoppers arrives and her true talent shines. Easy 2 GrantCheck Availability
Benny & Tenny in the Toy Breaker: a Toon Book
by: Geoffrey Hayes
When their cousin Bo comes to visit, Benny and Penny hide their toys and try to go on a treasure hunt without him, but Bo will not stop pestering them. P Graphic HayesCheck Availability
Up, Tall, High
by: Ethan Long
Through illustrations and simple text, birds demonstrate the meanings of the words up, tall, and high.Easy 1 LongCheck Availability
See Me Run
by: Paul Meisel
A dog has a fun-filled day at the dog park, in this easy-to-read story. Easy 1 MeiselCheck Availability
The Kickball Kids
by: Carl Meister
In the community kickball tournament the score is tied between the Super Sharks and Kyle's team, the Kicking Kids, and it is up to Kyle to make the last play of the game. J Graphic MeisterCheck Availability
Brownie & Pearl Step Out
by: Cynthia Rylant
When his puppy Mudge gets dirty, Henry has some trouble giving him a bath. Picture RylantCheck Availability
Puppy Mudge Takes a Bath
by: Cynthia Rylant
When his puppy Mudge gets dirty, Henry has some trouble giving him a bath. Easy 1 RylantCheck Availability
by: Cynthia Rylant
Poppleton the pig makes a friend, reads a library book about adventure, and helps a sick friend get better.Easy 2 RylantCheck Availability
by: Lola M. Schaefer
Nick helps Mittens the kitten adjust to life in a new home.Easy 2 SchaeferCheck Availability
Splat the Cat Sings Flat
by: Rob Scotton
Splat the cat is very nervous when his class prepares to sing on Parents' Night.Easy 1 ScottonCheck Availability
Nate the Great, San Francisco Detective
by: Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Nate the Great goes to San Francisco to solve a mystery with his cousin, Olivia Sharp, who is also a detective. Easy 3 SharmatCheck Availability
Cowgirl Kate & Cocoa
by: Erica Silverman
Cowgirl Kate and her cowhorse Cocoa, who is always hungry, count cows, share a story, and help each other fall asleep. Easy 3 SivermanCheck Availability
The Big Catch: A Robot & Rico Story
by: Anastasia Suen
Robot and Rico are off to the beach. Rico wants to catch the biggest fish, but Robot may end up with the biggest surpriseEasy 2 SuenCheck Availability
Rhyming Dust Bunnies
by: Jan Thomas
As three dust bunnies, Ed, Ned, and Ted, are demonstrating how much they love to rhyme, a fourth, Bob, is trying to warn them of approaching danger.Picture ThomasCheck Availability
Good Night, Good Knight
by: Shelly Moore Thomas
A Good Knight helps three little dragons who are having trouble getting to sleep.Easy 3 ThomasCheck Availability
I Broke My Trunk!: An Elephant & Piggie Book
by: Mo Willems
Gerald the elephant tells his best friend Piggie a long, crazy story about how he broke his trunk. Easy 1 WillemsCheck Availability