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alphabet treeRead-Alouds: Are you going to your child’s school to read aloud to their classroom? Or, maybe you want to start reading a book every night to your family. Here is a list of suggested read aloud books for children and families of all ages. Click on the title to see if a copy is available to checkout!

For Pre-School & Pre-K | For Grades K-1 | For Grades 2-3 | For Grades 4-5



Librarian Recommendations: Call us anytime or come in to chat about what you’re looking for!

Magic Words

Magic Words: Our blog is filled with book recommendations new and old, all chosen by the Children’s Services staff! From picture books to non-fiction and adventure stories to classics, this blog has something for everyone!




More Good Books: Need the right book right away? Here are our go-to favorites based on age and/or genre.

Ages 0-2: Coming Soon.
Ages 3-5: Coming Soon.
Grades K & 1: Check out these beginning readers and beginning chapter books to set your child on the path of independent reading!

Grades 2 & 3: Ready for a bigger challenge? Find the perfect book for the pickiest of readers!

So You Want To Read Harry Potter?Try these fantasy books for the younger reader who begs to read Harry Potter!
Need a Laugh: These books will have you rolling on the floor laughing!
Can You Solve the Mystery?: Check out these mysteries!
1, 2, 3… Series!:

Grades 4 & 5: Have a book report in a certain genre? Love a good fantasy, mystery or graphic novel? Take a look to find the perfect book!

Life After Harry Potter: Finished the series and don’t know what to read next? Check out these great fantasies to escape into another world!
It’s Real Life: These realistic fiction books give us a story we can all relate to.
Travel Back in Time: Spark an interest in the history of the world through these historical fiction books.
Whodunit?: See if you can solve the mystery.
Curl Up with a Good Book: These books will help you escape on a warm summer day or a cold winter night!
Go Graphic! : These graphic novels tell a great story through both art and words.

Summer Reading: Summer Reading may be over, but that doesn’t mean these lists aren’t still full of great titles. These grade level lists were prepared by Fairfield Public Librarians, Fairfield Public School Media Specialists, and the students of Fairfield Public Schools. Remember, these lists are recommendations only. Both Fairfield Public Library and Fairfield Public Schools encourages children to read any book during the summer!

2013 Summer Reading ListsGrades K & 1 Reading List | Grades 2 & 3 Reading List | Grades 4 & 5 Reading List