Masterpiece Mystery!: Unforgotten, Season 1

Did you know one of our branding efforts for Fairfield Woods Branch Library is to house all of the smaller U.K. film and television series titles? Main has Downton Abbey, Prime Suspect and the other big hitters. But if you want the smaller titles, check out Woods collection.

Coming this week to Woods is the new Masterpiece Mystery!, Unforgotten: Season 1 starring Nicola Walker (Touching EvilMI-5) and Sanjeev Bhaskar (Notting Hill, Paddington 2). From DVDsReleaseDates,

In 1976, a homeless boy of color named Jimmy Sullivan was murdered and buried in the basement of a building that had served as a hostel at the time. His diary suggests that his death could have been caused by any of four people he associated with at the time. A husband who takes care of his wife, a community worker, a clergyman and an entrepreneur all have lives that could unravel if the secrets that they’ve carried for decades were ever brought to light. DCI Cassie Stuart, along with her partner, DI Sunil Khan, have no intention of allowing the murder to go unpunished. Yet, as they reveal each new layer of the case, they learn that the murder and cover-up are far more complicated than they ever imagined.

Find Unforgotten: Season 1 in the library catalog.

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