What’s In Your Child’s Lunchbox? by Ms. Joleen


First Lady Michelle Obama has been in the news lately for trying (much to my high-schooler’s chagrin!) to improve the nutritional quality of school lunches in her quest to reduce childhood obesity in the U.S.  That initiative, coupled with a recent report about the many health risks of sugar consumption, may have us parents rethinking what we feed our kids. FPL’S Children’s Collection can help you make some informed decisions with our many books on the topic of healthy eating.

New to our Parent-Teacher collection, Feeding Your Baby Day By Day: From First Tastes to Family Meals will get you started right away with your infant, and 201 Organic Baby Purees  offers alternatives to commercial baby foods.

feeding your baby 201 Organic baby purees


Preschoolers are not too young to learn to be selective about what they put in their mouths:  books like The Food Pyramid and The Edible Pyramid: Good Eating Every Day can be found in the juvenile health section (J613.2).

food pyramid         edible Pyramid


To make it more fun, try reading The Monster Health Book: A Guide to Eating Healthy, Being Active and Feeling Great for Monsters and Kids!   Older children concerned about eating right can read The Scoop on What to Eat: What You Should Know About Diet and Nutrition.

Our expansive children’s cookbook section (J641.3-5)  offers The Healthy Body Cookbook: Over 50 Fun Activities and Delicious Recipes for Kids  as well as Cool Lunches to Make & Take,  if your child wants to get involved in the decision-making.   The curious child might like How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?  The Story of Food to trace the origins of his lunch.


So let’s substitute water for sugary drinks, fresh fruit for cookies, and oh, don’t forget good nutrition’s equally important partner:  EXERCISE!  Check out our current display of fitness books and DVDs near the Children’s Reference Desk.

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