The 9 Lives of Alexander Baddenfield by John Bemelmans Marciano

Book Review by Ms. Kristina

The summary of this book from the FPL’s catalog: Twelve-year-old Alexander Baddenfield, the last in a long line of evil men who die young, has his cat’s extra eight lives transplanted into his own body, while his caretaker, Winterbottom, strives to keep him safe.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tone and snarkiness of this middle grade novel. It was a cross between Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning and Maude: The Not-So-Noticeable Shrimpton.

The Baddenfields are terrible people and the nonchalance of the narrator’s tone regarding the Baddenfields’ horrible deeds is entertaining and sarcastic. I take issue with some of the book’s pseudo science, and wish the author did further research regarding Global Warming and the true implications of Climate Change. While many people may not notice, continuing this misinformation is problematic.

I was also hoping for some sort of redemption in the end, though I suppose it is not surprising that the book lacked that sort of conclusion. Nevertheless, The 9 Lives of Alexander Baddenenfield is a fun, snarky and entertaining read. Just don’t get too attached.

135 pages
Grades 3-5
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