Pro Sports Superstars – a new series!

With Superbowl XLVIII (that’s 48 I think), right around the corner on February 2nd now is the perfect time to catch up on all the details about your favorite Football teams with these great new books.

Patriots football

Even reluctant readers will be drawn to this easy-to-read, high interest series of books about football. We have 8 brand new titles including Superstars of the Steelers, Giants, Patriots, Colts, Packers, Broncos, Cowboys, and Bears. The books are bright and vivid with lots of big photographs of the major players in each team’s history and simple facts about their achievements.

This series is brand new so kids will also be happy to see adequate coverage of the current players too, like Tom Brady (even we mommies like him) and Von Miller of the Broncos. Each book also has “Fast Facts” and a glossary of “Word to Know.”

The new Common Core education standards place high emphasis on non-fiction titles so these books are a wise choice for newer readers.  This particular series is best suited to kids in K-3.  But our shelves are full of football books in all shapes and sizes for all levels of readers so come in and check them all out! And GO PATS!

Series: Pro Sports Superstars
Superstars of the New England Patriots
by Matt Scheff
Grades K-3
Format: Non-Fiction


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