Ms. Mary’s Toddler Time!

snowflake treeToddler Time…. my aerobic exercise for the day! In story times designed for toddlers (children, ages 18-36 months), the goal is to teach a variety of skills: gross motor skills, early literacy and language skills, and behavioral skills. This week in Toddler Time, I used the seasonal theme of “winter” to reinforce these skills. Use the books, songs and rhymes at home to continue the fun at home! Enjoy and happy winter! ~Ms. Mary

Rhymes and Songs
  • 2 Little Snowbirds
    2 little snowbirds sitting on a cloud,
    One named Quiet, One named Loud!
    Fly away Quiet, Fly away Loud!
    Come back Quiet, Come back Loud!
  • The Sled
    Climb, climb, climb,
    Up the hill of snow!
    Jump on the sled
    And, down we go!
  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear
    Polar bear, polar bear… turn around!
    Polar bear, polar bear… touch the ground!
    Polar bear, polar bear… reach up high!
    Polar bear, polar bear… give a jump a try!
    Polar bear, polar bear… slap your knees!
    Polar bear, polar bear… sit down please!
  • 5 Little Snowmen
    5 little snowmen standing in a row.
    Each with a hat and a big red bow.
    Out came the sun and it stayed all day
    And, one little snowman melted away.
    4 little snowmen… 3 little snowmen… 2 little snowmen… 1 little snowman.

snowman scene


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