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By now we’ve all heard of the acronym STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) and we know the Common Core standards are calling for a lot more NON- FICTION reading.  So make sure you check out all the amazing new resources the library has in these areas.  Yes, math can be fun and young readers will really enjoy the wide range of materials in our collection…

Bedtime Math started out as a math education website and has now branched into books. Following the philosophy of the site, the books strive to make math an approachable and fun part of every child’s life. With chapters titled, “Exploding Food” and “Sports You Shouldn’t Try at Home” the content is plenty entertaining with mischief galore. And there are three levels from Wee Ones to Big Kids so children of all ages can play along.

Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math
Preschool –Grade 3



For younger learners try the “Help Me Learn” series of books with topics on Numbers,  Subtraction, and Addition.

Help Me Learn Addition by Jean Marzollo is full of lively images that illustrate simple addition concepts. Marzollo is also the author of the ISpy series and the visuals and style here are clearly reminiscent of that.

Help Me Learn Addition

Help Me Learn Addition
Pre K-Grade 1




For more sophisticated concepts try That’s A Possibility by Bruce Goldstone. What color gumball will you probably get from the machine if most of them are shown colored yellow? What colors are possible to get? The pictures in this book really draw you in and kids will relate to the simple question style as they are introduced to mathematical  ideas. There are also a number of “Try This at Home” probability and guessing games you will be tempted to do.

That's a Possibility image

That’s A Possibility
Grades K-4



A simple search of “math” in the kids’ library catalog will yield over 300 book titles. So come see what we’ve got. We’re sure you will surprised by just how much fun math can be!


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