May is “Get Caught Reading” month

“Get Caught Reading” began in 1999 as a national campaign to promote the joys of recreational reading-reading for the fun of it- for readers of all ages. It is a way to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read for pleasure. The campaign is supported by the Association of American Publishers, the national trade association of the book publishing industry in the United States. The hope is to encourage people to enjoy books and magazines and to share that pleasure with the young children in their lives.

Nick-GoepperResearch has shown that exposure to language at a young age has been scientifically proven to stimulate brain growth in children, and that children who have regularly been read to have a large advantage over their peers by the time they start school.

“Get Caught Reading” is supported by hundreds of celebrities, including LL Cool J, Bob Dylan, Spiderman and the newest addition, Olivia the Pig. You’ve probably seen the “Get Caught Reading” posters in your school library! Teachers and librarians can order posters for a modest shipping fee. Also available at the website are many resources, such as promotional videos, newsletters and literary facts. Check out for further ideas on activities.

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