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A friend of mine recently showed me this most amazing website, The Author Name Pronunciation Guide.  Here you will find a collection of brief recordings of authors & illustrators saying their names.  They currently have 1,815 authors, but keep adding more each day!

Jon Sciezca
Jon Scieszka

Have you ever read books from the author, Jon Scieszka?

He is the author and illustrator of many children’s books including, The True Story of The Three Little Pigs, Battle Bunny, the Trucktown series, and more. For years I have been pronouncing his name wrong.  Listen to Jon correctly pronounce his name here.

Perhaps you have read the incredibly popular Percy Jackson series, or another of Rick Riordan’s many series of books?  Did you know that the correct way to say his name is with a long “i” like Rye-or-den.  Listen to him pronounce his name here.

On the The Author Name Pronunciation Guide website you will also find one-minute audio recordings of authors and illustrators pronouncing and telling stories about their names.

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Check out this incredible website today!

-Ms Di


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