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Did you know it takes 40 gallons of sap from a sugar maple tree to make just 1 gallon of maple syrup?   Connecticut’s maple sugaring season is finally underway, and there are dozens of maple sugar shacks across the state ready to show families how the sap is tapped, collected, boiled and turned into tasty maple syrup. View a complete list of CT sugarhouses here and get ready for a sweet road trip!

If you bring home some local CT maple syrup, try making these delicious maple syrup taffy pops (parental supervision required!)

Learn more with some of our great books on maple sugaring:
Maple Syrup Season by Ann Purmell, J633.6 P and
From Maple Trees to Maple Syrup by Kristin T. Keller, J633.6T
from maple trees to maple syrupMaple syrup season






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