Early Years Are Learning Years

April 6-12th is The Week of the Young Child, a celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the world’s largest early childhood education association.  This event was created to raise awareness about the importance of early childhood development.  The years from birth through age 8 are a critical time to build a strong foundation for learning that will serve a child throughout life – and your Fairfield Public Library can help! This year’s theme is, “Early Years are Learning Years” and we encourage you to celebrate by trying some of these materials from our collection.

We have an extensive collection of ABC picture books. Try So Many Bunnies by Rick Walton…”Old mother rabbit lived in a shoe. She had 26 children and knew what to do…1 was named Abel. He slept on the table…” You can see where momma rabbit tucks in all 26 of her babies and you can probably also guess whose bed they all end up in eventually!

So Many BunniesSo Many Bunnies (1998)
by Rick Walton
Picture ABC
Ages 3-6



Alphabet City is another great title that leads you to find letter shapes hidden in the unlikeliest places. This Caldecott Honor book has a train wheel that’s shaped like a “Q” and a sideways traffic light that looks like the letter “E”. See what the city reveals to you!

Alphabet City

Alphabet City (1995)
Stephen T. Johnson
Picture ABC
Ages 4-8


We also have a special collection of 1-2-3 books like The Baseball Counting Book. It has rhyming text like, “Out on the field are nine places to stand. Check to be sure each position is manned.” Your baseball fan will be totally game for it.

baseball counting bookThe Baseball Counting Book (1999)
Barbara B. McGrath
Picture 123
Ages 3-8

These are just a few of the wonderful books we have to help you set your child on a path to learning. Ask a librarian for more great ideas!

Week of Young Child


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