Congratulations, Hazel!

Fairfield Public Library’s “Bookworm” & “Mysterious Society” member , Hazel Foley, has just learned that she won the PTA Reflections contest and her work is now headed to the statewide contest…

The name of her poem? No surprise here… it’s simply her passion.




book pagesBooks
by Hazel Foley

If you’re sad or feeling blue
Settle down with a book or two
Read some fantasy, fiction is swell
Read about Sleeping Beauty under a spell
Read non-fiction, all that information
Read about food all around the nation
Read comedy and laugh out loud
If you feel like you are under a rain cloud
Whatever you feel
Books will heal.

The whole Children’s Department is so proud of you and wish you luck!

Congratulations, Hazel!!

If you want to “check out” the different type of books that Hazel is talking about, visit the Children’s Room and…

Go to J Fiction for Fiction & Fantasy books
Go to J398 for Sleeping Beauty & other Fairy Tales
Go to J641.59 for books about Foods of all nations
Go to J793.7 for books about jokes & humor
Go to J551 for books about clouds, rain & weather


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