Books That Go Zoom-Vroom-Choo

Zoom! Zoom! by Robert Burleigh is a busy, colorful, comic-feeling picturebook that would make a fantastic storytime piece. I expected a CD to accompany the book since the rhymes are so sing-songy that they could be, well, a song. There are lots of details and colors that would keep any toddler occupied, though it might not entice those with a refined sensibility for picturebook illustrations. They are fun, yes, but do not offer anything unique or original to the existing canon of Children’s Literature. 3/5 stars
And the Cars Go… by William Bee is another “things that go” book that would be a fun storytime book. I really enjoyed the detailed digital illustrations in this book. And I was pleased by the little puzzle on the copyright page. It made it a interactive. The narrative, however, lacked substance and I feel as though the text did not match the detail of the illustrations. While this would make a great transportation storytime book for toddlers with all of the car sounds, the bright colors and dynamic words, it is not one I would add to my personal collection. 3/5 stars

How to Train a Train by Jason Carter Eaton and illustrated by John Rocco It’s a good year for train books! Between the beautifully dense Caldecott-winning Locomotive and this tongue-in-cheek train training manual, those clamoring for a good train story should be fully satisfied. Done in graphite with digital coloring, the illustrations are vibrant and fun. There are many little chuckles to be had from this book, including the authors note at the end! This would be great for the preschool age group.  4/5 stars


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