Bird is the Word, or Words on Birds

I Spy in the Sky by William Gibbs (2014)
This book is in the same style/”series” as I Spy on the Farm. And like I Spy on the Farm, this book is rendered completely in digital media. While you can tell it is digital, it still looks phenomenal. The spread with the peacock is particularly striking. It really is a fun read–especially for engaging a younger audience.

Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? by Rita Gray, Illustrated by Kenard Pak (2014)
I would probably give it 3.5 stars. Pak‘s illustrations are wonderful–watercolor with digital enhancement. They are stylistically reminiscent of Jon Klassen. But the story is stilted, sometimes rhyming, sometimes not. It is, however, a sweet spring read aloud for any age.

Bird Talk: What Birds are Saying and Why
by Lita Judge (2012)
An illustrated tribute to birds of all kinds and the funny, fascinating things that they do. This nonfiction picturebook will bring depth to any discussion about birds and communication. With beautiful and detailed illustrations, this book does not so much as offer a story or narrative as it does lots of interesting facts.

Parrots Over Puerto Rico by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore (2013)
This story about the parrots of Puerto Rico and and scientists’ observations of them is a perfect STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) title. For my full review of this book, please check out this entry, where I review it at length.


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