Abe Lincoln – The Boy Who Loved Books

The Boy Who Loved Books by Ms. Diane

BRRRrrrr!!!!!!! Keeping warm this winter by discovering many treasures at the
Fairfield Woods Branch Library to use for winter programs. A special treasure is  Abe Lincoln, The Boy Who Loved Books.

Abe Lincoln


Abe Lincoln
by  Kay Winters
Grades K-3
Format: Biography, Picture
Abraham Lincoln was an amazing person who overcame many hardships and became our 16th president. Readers will enjoy learning about Lincoln as a spirited, wiry youngster who loved to read and tell stories! The illustrations are colorful and draw a detailed picture of life on the frontier up to the White House. The book is written by Kay Winters specifically for ages 5-8, BUT, we think this is a library treasure for ALL!

Check it out in our biography section.



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